Trout Series

5x7 Print for 8x10 Frame with Mat - UNFRAMED
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Triple Frame $225

“Smoky Mountain Grand Slam”
Background Information:

"Colors of the Rainbow" was chosen as the featured artwork on a limited edition batch of Italian wine bottles in conjunction with its recognition as the overall winner of the 2021 SIM World Fly Fishing Day Virtual Art Exhibition.

The "Noble Native" Brook Trout was originally captured underwater by GSMNP guides lan and Charity Rutter of R&R Fly Fishing, who were kind enough to let me use the image as reference for this colored pencil rendering.

 My Brown Trout is one I caught on the Elk River in Tennessee using a fly my husband tied. He took a photo of "The Release" which I later used to draw this piece.

5x7 Notecard + Envelope

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