Tony Prudhomme

"I wanted to contact you and say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. What you and my wife have done was one of the most wonderful surprises I've ever had at Christmas. Your drawing of Sir Sprocket is amazing and brought tears to my eyes. You not only caught his likeness but his spirit and nature. Your work is spectacular”

Katie Alderman

"I absolutely love it!! It captures her so well. I will treasure the picture of Bella!”

Alexander Graley

"I received the picture! Absolutely love it. Also, I appreciate the time and care you took in wrapping it for a safe trip here...I've ordered way more fragile and expensive things before and they have some pillow packs things and some newspaper. I've never seen so much bubble wrap and paper. I really appreciate it”

Jerry Imprevento

"If you want that special gift, a true piece of artwork, reach out to Kate Hall"

Your work is stunning. You're definitely a real-deal talent Kate.

Emmie Lynn Arndt

"I am so so excited. My dad is so hard to shop for!!! This is so perfect! I want to see his face when he opens it!

...We got the picture and its amazing! My dad already has it on his desk! ❤ Thank you!!!"

Crystal Braden

"I honestly could not be happier with it. I studied so many of the details yesterday, and cannot get over how perfect it is. The hairs, the colors, the eyes, the tongue... I could go on. You saw every little detail. I just keep looking at it. You are so talented and should be so proud of your talent. I feel honored to have a piece of your art!”